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*Note: the following Deities are Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian

Aa - Babylonian great mother goddess

Adad- storm god of Assyria and Babylon. Partly responsible for the flood

Adamu - first man in Babylonian myths. Tricked out of immortality by being told the immortal food would bring death, so he doesn't eat it.

Agdistis - a hermaphrodite monster

An - Sumerian personification of Heaven. Main temple at Erech.

Anshar - Sumerian god, father of Anu, child of Tiamat. god of the whole sky.

Antu - colorless female, first consort of Anu

Anu - Sumerian sky god

Anunnaki - children of Antu and Anu, underworld gods.

Anzu - demon with lion and eagle features. Guards Enlil's bath

Apsu - sweet water ocean

Aruru -Sumerian, gentle mother earth goddess. Created humanity from clay

Ashan - goddess of grain created by Enlil 

Ashur - main god of Assyria and war. Symbolized as a winged disk

Atrahasis - Akkadian Noah warned Enki to build a boat.

Aya - wife of Shamash

Bel - smartest of Sumerian gods. Child of Ea and Dumkina

Dumkina - Ea's lover, mother of Bel and Marduk

Dumuzi - shepherd demigod. Husband of Inanna. Shepherd king of Uruk.

Ea/Enki/Nudimmud - god of waters and wisdom and magic. When Enlil tells him to release the flood waters, he warns Atrahasis and tells him to build a boat. (similar to the Greek Prometheus story)

Emesh - a god of agriculture created by Enlil.

Enbilulu - god in charge of the tigris and Euphrates.

Enlil - Sumerian Earth god, seperated Heaven and Earth. Guards tablets of destiny. All powerful. Two major flood myths attributed to him.

Enki - Sumerian water god

Enkimdu -  Sumerian farmer god in cahrge of canals and ditches.

Enmesharra - underworld god

Enten - a farmer god who works in Enlil's fields 

Ereshkigal - violent goddess of the underworld. Wife of Erragal

Erra - hunter god, god of war and plague

Erragal - god of underworld, husband of Ereshkigal and lover of Aruru (Mami)

Gerra - god of fire, son of Anunito

Geshtinanna - demigoddess. sister of Dumuzi (Tammuz). Takes his place in the Underworld six months out of the year.

Geshtianna - goddess who rules over the fall harvest.

Gushkin-banda - goldsmith god, creator of god and men

Hadad - Canaanite god of thunder and lightning

Hanish - servant to Adad

Hubishag/Ningishzida - god of dawn

Humbaba - monster who guards the cedar forest for Enlil

Irra - a plague god

Ishkur - god in charge of the winds. simmilar to Akkadian Adad. 

Ishtar/Inanna - Sumerian mother goddess, love, fertility, beauty, war, sister of Utu, marries Dumuzi, lover of Tammuz

Ishum - god of fire and weapons. Lights the way for Erra and the Sebitti

Kabta _ god of bricks, lays foundations and builds houses

Kalkal - Enlil's doorkeeper in Nippur

Ki - personification of Earth

Kishar - mother of Anu, child of Tiamat and Apsu

Lahar  Sumerian cow god created by Enlil

Lahmu and Lahamu - first children of Tiamat and Apsu

Lamashtu - female demon

Mammetum - mother of fate

Marduk - principal god of Babylon, creator of humans, defeater of Tiamat

Mummu - Sumerian craftsman god

Mushdamma - god of fountains and houses.

Mylitta - Babylonian/Assyrian goddess of beauty

Nabu - Sumerian god of writing and wisdom

Nammu - goddess of the watery abyss

Namtar - god of 60 diseases, "fate" demon of death.

Nana - vegetation and fertility goddess

Nanna - moon god, son of Enlil and Ninlil

Nanshe - protector goddess for widows and orphans and the city of Lagash

Nedu - guardian of the first gate of the underworld

Nergal - Assyrian god of hunting and warfare. One of the main gods of the underworld.

Neti - chief gatekeeper of the Underworld.

Nin-Agal - god of smiths

Nidabar - goddess of writing

Ningal - Sumerian, wife of Nanna

Ningil - wife of Nanna, mother of Inanna and Utu. Pleaded with enlil not to destroy her city of Ur.

Ningizzia - underworld god, guardian of Heaven's gate

Ninhursag - earth mother

Ninkasi - goddess of alcohol

Ninkurra - goddess, daughter of Enki and Ninsar

Ninsar - goddess of plants

Nusku - agriculture and rain god, southwind and messenger god

Sebitti - Seven warriors led by Erra. (Pleiades)

Shamash - Babylonian/Sumerian sungod, protector of Gilgamesh, god of justice 

Sharru - god of submission

Shullat - Shamash's servant

Siduri - a manifestation of Ishtar

Sumugan - a cattle god who lives in the underworld in the goddess Ereshkigal's court. Also known as the god of the plain or King of the Mountain.

Tammuz - the dieing god, lover of Ishtar

Tiamat - Saltwater ocean, chaos

Uta-Napishtim - Babylonian Noah

Utu - Sumerian sun god, and god of justice.

Uttu - goddess of weaving and clothing. Formerly a plant goddess.

Zu - a minor evil god who stole the tablets of destiny. Killed by Lugalban

Zuisudra - Sumerian Noah from Shuupakk. His flood only lasts seven days.