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Traditional Wiccan Altars
In a Wiccan setting, you have a working candle that can be anywhere. It is to light other things, including other candles and incense. There are 2 other candles on the altar; a power candle and protection candle on the side away from the priest/priestess and on either side of the altar. There are the god and goddess statues. These are just next to the power and protection candles, with the goddess statue being on the left side of the altar and the god statue being on the right. The thurible/censor/incense burner is in the middle of all of that. The pentacle is in the middle of the altar and a bowl of salt is on top of it. The priest and priestess can set their athames down on the altar. The wand, bell, book of shadows and scourge can go anywhere they seem to fit. Someone may hold the book of shadows while someone else is reading from it. Generally the working knife and cakes & wine are kept under the altar until or unless used. The size of the altar depends on what’s available to someone and their tastes. The limitations are that it has to fit inside the circle, which can be of different sizes and that the altar has to be big enough to hold everything that it needs to. Other than that… do what you want. The altar can be of more than one use, such as when it’s not being used for ritual purposes to be a table in someone’s home. It can be a kitchen table, a coffee table, an end table, a wooden workbench, or anything else. Of course, if it’s used for a mundane purpose, all of the ritual oriented things must be removed and put away.